WELCOME to the official blog of the Kappa Rho Chapter of Phi Mu. We’re ecstatic that you dropped by for a glimpse into our sisterhood!

Phi Mu Fraternity was founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Founded on the guiding principles of love, honor and truth, Phi Mu has grown to 118 chapters and 12,000 collegiate members across the country.

The Kappa Rho Colony was established at FAU on September 12 when Phi Mu welcomed home 125 founding sisters for bid day. The colony flourished and was installed as an official chapter of Phi Mu on November 17, 2013 by Phi Mu National President Kris Bridges.

Since the start, Phi Mu has offered unequaled opportunities for personal growth and development.We seek vibrant and vivacious women who live out our creed on a daily basis. We stand for academic excellence, philanthropic efforts, strong friendships and a commitment to character.

The first semester as a colony was an enjoyable challenge as Phi Mu became the sixth sorority to join FAU’s Panhellenic community. Like true Phi Mus, the founding members did not hesitate to make waves at FAU. They got right to work participating in homecoming with men of Alpha Tau Omega, competing in Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Queen of Hearts and clenching third place, having Fro-yo Friday sisterhood events, and holding a pumpkin carving event with the women of Alpha Delta Pi.

We are so glad you took the time to learn more about our growing chapter and vibrant sisterhood!¬†The fun has only just begun for the Kappa Rho Chapter. Although it’s only been one year, Phi Mu is already creating traditions and building bonds to last a lifetime at FAU. Phi Mu offers a true sorority experience as we strive to turn women into leaders. We hope you enjoy seeing what we stand for and what we’re up to! If you’re a potential new member we look forward to meeting¬† you during formal recruitment in Fall 2014. Until then, please feel free to reach out to us and keep up with our events.

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